Betting Strategies for Bitcoin Blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack online casino

Increase Your Chances of Winning at Bitcoin Blackjack.


Blackjack is a classic game and inarguably a perennial favorite among players, both at land based and online casinos. Players can now play Bitcoin blackjack at The most popular cryptocurrency is accepted to play Blackjack and other games online. The winnings are also paid for in Bitcoin. Playing Bitcoin blackjack is similar to how you would approach the traditional variant. It is only the anonymity of the transaction that separates the two variants. Here are some betting strategies for Bitcoin blackjack.


  • The first element of your betting strategy is to control your bankroll. This will only happen when you can control your own urges. It is very easy to get carried away, when winning and also while losing. Do not wager any more Bitcoin than what you are prepared to lose. The quantum of risk you are willing to take should depend on how much money you can spare and your past experience of playing the game. Experts can always adopt a riskier approach. Beginners should exercise caution. Some people are naturally averse to risk and it is not a bad thing.


  • The second element of your strategy is how you will approach the game. Many people try to count cards. Some people master the art of splitting tens. There are variations of the game as well, such as blackjack switch. This variant has quite a few differences compared to standard or the more traditional blackjack. How you play should be influenced by the rules. Most importantly, you should know when to take the right calls. For instance, splitting tens is a common tactic but it can be just as rewarding as it can backfire. It is not always wise to split tens, especially when the dealer is more likely to have a sub twenty sum of both the cards. You are anyway winning with twenty in your hand. There is no need to increase your chances further and spending more money, hoping to win bigger if the dealer fails to outscore or to get twenty one. Splitting tens does not ensure you will have twenty one on either of the hands.


  • All Bitcoin blackjack variants will have the same standard rules such as those applying to hitting, splitting, doubling down and standing. There will be some differences too. For instance, the house edge will vary from one Bitcoin blackjack to another. You should choose a game that has considerably lower house edge. If the rules are more in your favor, then you have greater chances of winning.


  • You will have the liberty to choose insurance at some games. This insurance applies to an instance when the dealer has an ace. This kind of feature usually brings down the bet to pay two to one. Such insurance may seem to be tempting as a player will not lose all the Bitcoins wagered but the practice also increases the house edge. In the long run, the house will emerge as the winner and the player will not have significant winnings to boast of. It is also better if you do not try progressive bets.

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