Which are the Most Popular Casino Games in Thailand

Casino Games in Thailand

Sports betting online is fast becoming as popular as casino games like Hi Lo or Tai Sai, Gao Gae and Pok Deng in Thailand.


There are many popular games in Thailand but none of them are at land based casinos. Thailand has outlawed brick and mortar casinos. You can play the 80 baht lottery or its local variants. There are many local games using boxes, charts, dices and cards.


While the Gambling Act in B.E. 2478 or 1935 has banned land based casino in Thailand, you can play at online casinos and sports betting sites like 138BET. Online casinos are licensed and hence legal. There is a licensing body in the country that ensures the operator or the company hosting the gambling site has the financial status to pay the winners. The games are also assessed by auditors to ascertain fairness. If you wish to partake in real gambling that is legal then your options are horseracing and the national lottery.


Popular Casino Games in Thailand


Online casinos available in Thailand host a plethora of games. The underground casinos in the northeast, usually in apartments, homes and rented offices, will have a fair number of options but not all. The popular casino games in the west are played frequently in Thailand. This includes baccarat, craps, roulette and blackjack. Thai players are fond of slots, including video slots and those with progressive jackpots. Poker has become popular too. Many adult Thais are fond of video poker.


There are many local games that have been traditionally popular in Thailand. The undisputedly most popular casino game is Hi Lo. This game is also known as Tai-Sai and Sic-Bo in other cultures. Thais do not have as much fondness for card games as they have for Hi Lo. There is actually a law that prohibits the manufacturing, distribution and possession of playing cards. Hence, you cannot really buy playing cards as conveniently and legally as you would in other countries. Still playing cards are available, usually as contraband. You can grab some from the areas along the borders with Laos or Cambodia. Those who do play cards are more interested in Gao Gae and Pok Deng. Both these games are like baccarat. The drawing rules are different though. These card games are more popular among women. Those who want to play at real casinos often travel to Cambodia or Laos, where gambling is legal.


The most popular casino games online in Thailand are baccarat, blackjack or twenty one, craps, tai sai and roulette. Many Thais are now exploring sports betting online. The exposure to global and international competitions including major leagues of various sports has triggered this growing interest. The certainty of winning if one can back the right team is also influencing more Thais to gravitate towards sports betting online. Sites like 138BET offer a blend of both online casino games and sports betting. All popular casino games in Thailand are not available for players to be accessed in local currency. Some online casinos only accept dollar and pound, especially those based in the west or specifically in the U.K. Many players use converters and still pay as per the valuation in baht.








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