These are the best tips you can get from a poker guru

poker guru

Try these awesome cahayapoker tips provided by real poker pros. See what the biggest gurus in the field recommend you to do in order to become a better player.

Can you imagine how a meeting between you and a real poker guru might look like? What would you ask him? What kind of a secret tip would you require from such a poker pro?

We bet you’ve got a lot of questions. However, we are impossible to personally meet you with such people. Instead, we have met a couple of them and asked from them to give us several recommendations. These poker gurus occurred to be quite generous. As they provided us with a lot of tips! And today, we are sharing them all with you.

  • The place you are sitting at is actually one of the top important factors for the final results of your game. A poker guru claims that when you are sitting at the last position – the position that allows you to act last – is the biggest luck that can happen to you either in a cash game at cahayapoker or in a VIP poker tournament. This is the position that enables you to consider everyone’s reaction and call.
  • If you are good at mathematics, it’s not on mandatory to be a poker genius, but, though, it gives you an advantage, no doubts. Math is your friend not only when you count the cards. This specific skill helps you make any decision with reason instead of hoping on the destiny.
  • Folding is not a sin. You shouldn’t be afraid of this button, the poker gurus say. On the contrary, to know when to fold is even more complicated to consider rather whether to all in, or no.
  • Whether you are playing in an online poker room, or you visit ground casinos, keep in mind that making friends is not an agenda task for you. It’s very possible for you to make someone mad. That’s the game. But the same way, you shouldn’t take anyone’s win or action personally, either.
  • When you think about the next move, the very first thing that should come to your mind is what is happening with each of your opponents. The opponents should be permanently on your mind. Their cards, the moves they make, the reactions – including how fast they click on the buttons – and etc. are top priorities for you when you build up a strategy to follow in a specific game.
  • Speaking of which, it’s one thing to have a universal playing style – a strategy – and a completely different thing to act according to the circumstances. The poker gurus say that every poker player must have some basic rules and principles to follow. However, every poker session is individual. And sometimes, the best practices of yours might not fit the poker gamer you are playing right now.

If we see these poker gurus, guys, we will definitely ask for more tips. But these are not bad at all, are they?

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