Betting Payment Options

Pay for your bets in so many ways! Visiting will explain which payment method will help your betting and is the most effective.



At there are examples of various methods than a person can pay and get paid. This site shows someone different methods that they may be able to pay with when they visit betting sites, which is extremely useful if someone is preparing or unsure about the payment option they are wanting to use. If you are after information involving betting payment options by, visit to read through the list of payment methods available.


Credit/Debit Card

The first, and most popular method of paying for your bets is through Credit/Debit card. The most crucial aspect of these cards is that they are universally accepted by all online bookmarkers. This method is also extremely safe and very easy. Debit cards are much more flexible than Credit cards because you can withdraw money onto a debit card, however, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to withdraw money onto a credit card.


An E-wallet is another very popular method of storing money away, perhaps the most popular example of this being Paypal. E-wallets work as normal wallets, in the sense that you can store money there, add your bank account and card to it, and even hold different currencies. It is very easy to deposit money into an E-Wallet, and very easy to withdraw money also if you have linked your bank account or debit/credit card to the E-Wallet.

Perhaps the biggest upside from sites such as Paypal is that they are extremely safe because there are so many security procedures that an individual must go through, that it is very difficult for anyone to be able to hack into an account. Because of the strength of the security, many companies offer deals if you are using Paypal or similar methods.

An example of websites offering E-Wallets are: Paypal, Skrill, Moneybookers, Click2Pay.


Bank Wire

Other than the two main betting payment options by, Bank wiring is a method that is also available for use, however, it is not as popular anymore as it doesn’t offer many advantages when compared to the use of Debit/Credit Cards or E-Wallets. Although it is very safe, it is a slow process and it involves offering your bank details to a third party, which may not be very appealing to some people.


Cash/Prepaid Cards

Because of the rise of the internet, it is no surprise that many people have stopped using Cash simply because you can’t use it to buy things online, however, it is still possible to use these methods to pay for you gambling if an individual visits a TAB or a place where gambling is allowed. It is also possible to purchase prepaid cards that one can use to spend on online gambling.

There are other, rare methods of paying for your betting such as through the western union or through a cheque, however, they don’t offer the freedom and reliability that popular methods such as Paypal and Credit/Debit cards do.



Betting Payment Options

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