Australian Casino Cash Back Bonuses

Casino Cash Back Bonuses

What is a cash back bonus? How do they work? Click here to find out all you need to know about cash back bonuses in Australia.

The cash back bonus system has grown in popularity over recent years. It basically involves getting a refund from money you have lost while playing. These funds are transferred back into your account, and it is generally a percentage of the total amount you have lost. According to casino Australia there isn’t really much to lose when participating in this type of program because you will have already wagered your cash. The percentage you will get is determined by the casino you are playing with; however, it is typically established between 5 percent and 25 percent. The way you receive the bonus will also vary depending on the casino, it is either given as real cash or as a bonus money.


Online Bonus – How Does it Work

Casinos will offer bonuses on certain games in order to encourage people to have a go at the game at a limited risk. In the majority of instances, the bonus is worked out over a certain time frame. In general, there is a restriction on how much cash back you can receive. To explain it a bit better, here is an example: Let’s say a casino is offering five percent cash back, you spend $100 playing the game and you are left out of pocket for the entire amount. Therefore, your total loss is $100, you will be given five percent of this $100 back, so the casino will credit your account with $5.


According to casino Australia another example is as follows: The casino is offering five percent cash back on a certain game. You play with $200 and end up winning $400. You won’t be eligible receive the bonus in this instance.

Another example is as follows: You play a game that is offering a bonus of 25% with a maximum pay out of $50. After you have betted, you have lost out on $300, your account will be credited $50 because this is the most amount the casino is awarding back.


Qualifying For a Bonus

The majority of casinos online their players bonuses in real money if you are a part of their loyal player or VIP program. However, the most common bonuses can be claimed by all players whether you are a part of a program or not. The requirements to cash out a bonus will depend on the casino; therefore, you will need to find out from the casino you are playing with.

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