What is so special about fruit machines?

special about fruit machines

See why idn casino fruit slots are so typical and popular. Discover their main specifications that distinguish them from the rest slot types.

Although many people think that fruit slots are just types of slot machines, we believe this is not exactly true. As a matter of fact, we would prefer to say that the fruit slot is something special and it definitely and brightly distinguishes by the standard slot machines. Here’s why we believe that fruit slots are so special and we should consider them as unique:

  1. There’s at least one fruit slot machine in any online idn casino. On the contrary, not all casinos include Ancient World or Mystic slots. But forgetting adding a fruit slot in its portfolio is something that no casino will do.
  2. Fruit slots have their unique symbols which you cannot discover in any other slot game. The fruit symbols are original and it is absurd to meet them in any other slot machine genre. On the contrary, there are traditional symbols (especially those that represent scatters and wilds) which are basically used in all slot type genres.
  3. Fruit slot machines are typical for their extremely easy gameplay. If during your entire gambling experience you have played only fruit machines, it is very possible for that of yours when you decide to try another slot genre, to get confused. Adventurous slot games, for instance, might be very frustrating in many ways, especially if fruits have been taking your entire gambling time for the last couple of years.
  4. Fruit slots have also two specific features you will not see in any other slot game. They are the following: the hold and the nudge features. The hold feature allows the player to hold one or more reels in a single place during the spin in order to rest. On the other side, the nudge feature lets you to control the reel to suddenly transfer on a different position, respectively down or up.
  5. Ground-based fruits are common to be found in specific locations. In the past, they were for instance, very typical for the pubs and even some supermarkets. There was also a trend for the car repair studios to install fruit slots to let the customers play some games while the car masters do their work.
  6. Fruit games are also very specific for their smaller prizes. Indeed, there’s no fruit machine title that is popular for its massive wins. Meanwhile, though, it is proven, though that most of the fruit slot machine lovers win more often than their colleagues playing in other slot genres.
  7. The RTP of fruit slot that should satisfy is not above 96%, which is a trend in slot machine experience in general. Actually, it is enough to see 95% to consider a fruit slot game an extremely profitable one.

Do you love fruit slot games? Well, we definitely believe that they are the best slots for the beginners in the field.

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