What is Poker?


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Poker is a popular card game played around the world, it uses a standard deck of fifty two cards. Some people enjoy playing it with the joker card, making it a fifty three card deck. However, you will never see a joker card used in a casino, it’s most common in private games. There are many important aspects to the game of poker, money is placed into a pot, and it is played over a set of betting rounds. According to how strong the poker hand is, opponent play to win the money in the pot. Here is some information about the card game poker.

Poker Hands – The Standard Ranking

There are two main attributes to playing cards using a standard deck, these include the following:

  • A ranking
  • A suit

There are thirteen rankings and four suits, the suits are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. The thirteen rankings include the ace which is a one, and this is also a high card. You also have the numbers two to ten. Finally, in each suit, you have a king, queen and a jack.

When cards are combined into a five-card hand, there are a number of categories that the hands might fall into. Where they fall is based on their suits and ranks, these areas are known as a poker hands standard ranking, this is often the first thing you will learn when playing poker. It is essential that you are familiar with these hands before you start playing the game or it will severely handle your ability to play.

In the majority of cases, when two people draw even during a game, the hand that has the highest version wins.

Betting and Poker

There are several bets in poker, and one of the most important is the forced bet. This is either a blind or an ante, and it is why people get involved in playing a hand. Players would fold until someone had a great hand if no forced bets were placed.

Typical Poker Tactics

A game of poker wouldn’t be the same if certain tactics were omitted, these include the following:

  • Bluffing: Bluffing involves making a bet with the aim of causing your opponents to fold. If all the other players have folded after the bet has been placed, the person who placed the bet wins the money in the pot and they also get to keep their hand.
  • Reading Your Opponents: Reading your opponents is a skill that is difficult to master. Deception is an important part of the game; the aim is to get your opponents to fold even if they’ve got a better hand than you. And you also want them to call your bets even if you have better cards than them.

Final Thought

Now that you know all about the card game poker, why not practice with masterpoker99. It is advised that you practice playing at home with friends and family before going out and playing in a casino, this will ensure that you don’t loose too much money.

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