Top popular casino games in Canada

casino games in Canada

Check what else locals love besides playing blackjack online in Canada. See the most preferred casinos games in the ground and internet gambling houses located in this country right away.

Canada is one of the countries that have recently shown a dramatic growth of active gamblers. According to the stats it was only ten years ago, when there was almost no interest among the locals in playing blackjack online in Canada or in visiting a real casino to spin some slots. Today, things are completely different.

Canada has registered at one hand, a significant increase of the number of national casinos. You might already know that here, the Canadian casino companies can operate only as ground rooms, but not as online platforms. The thing is that Canada allows only offshore online casinos. At the other hand, though, Canadian gamblers have become more and what is quite interesting is that wide range of the ages involved in the sphere – from 20 to 56-years old gamblers. 

Speaking of which, these foreign Canadian internet platforms for games have become more for the last couple of years, too. These companies are those that have made it to finally figure it out – what are the Canadian player’s most preferred casino game. After a study in the field, the online casinos operating in Canada say that the locals prefer the following casino products at most:

  1. Blackjack. As a matter of fact, it’s where we should add one more thing about the gambling trends in Canada – the locals love card games. Besides Blackjack, many players here are fond of poker and Baccarat, too. However, if we have to distinguish the top card game and even more – one of the top played casino games ever – it should be Blackjack.
  2. Slots. Like in almost any country, where one way or another it is possible to play casino games, in Canada many people prefer the easy-going slot machines. A lot of the locals visit the nationally approved ground casinos, where mainly they spin the slots. But on the other side, with the increase of the online foreign offshore online gambling houses, slots have been gaining even bigger popularity. It’s very possible for the slot game to soon leave some of the card games behind as favorites for the locals.
  3. Roulette. This is another highly appreciated game in Canada. People here love it mainly because it incorporates the simple gameplay (and rules), the popularity, which means it known enough, as well as the element of thinking you need to reach some success. According to a local study, about every third online gambler in Canada have played roulette game nearly 10 times.

If you are a Canadian gambler and none of these games suit your needs, do not worry. Just because they are the most preferred here does not matter you cannot find sport bets in the internet, lottery tickets or even some other poker formats.

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