The list with the most popular sport disciplines in Asian betting market

Asian betting market

See the hottest sport types for betting in Thaipokerleak. Find out what Asian punters love when it comes to sport betting.

Thaipokerleak has recently revealed that Thai bookmakers mainly accept football bets, but apart from them the customers seem to have quite more interests when it comes to sport betting. The platform with the best bonuses and top-to-bottom bookies’ reviews, though, shows a brief from a study that embraces only the local Thai audience. If taking under considerations the entire Asian continent, some new top preferred sport types will appear no doubts.

But that’s not all. The sport betting market in Asia hasn’t been driven only by the local users. On the contrary, we’ve been seeing a tendency for many foreign punters to join different Asian bookies. Moreover – they remain here, because the websites are high quality, the bonuses are generous and the customer support service is generally 24/7 available via convenient live chats or fast e-mail communication. Even European citizens are amazed by the fast Asian betting market progress. And lots of these people are ready to replace their local bookies for some change from the East. What we try to tell you is that the popularity of a certain sport type in Asian betting industry has been formed by many factors, including the European influence.

Speaking of all of these, we would like to show you what the most popular sport disciplines for bets in Asia are:

  1. Of course, who would even think that football isn’t going to be mentioned in this list? Asian bookmakers don’t just make it the top sport type in their programs, but they even offer quite good odds as we have already mentioned it. And here’s one more curious thing about football and Asia – actually the locals love it a lot if you didn’t know it.
  2. The second most popular sport discipline for betting in the world is the second most preferred sport for bets in Asia, too. The difference is, though, that not all of the Asian bookies are now ready to provide all the tennis events. Basically, they stick to the biggest tournaments like the Big Slam.
  3. If you wonder, why, let us give you a very fast answer – it’s profitable. If you haven’t noticed the UK-based bookmakers are full of cricket bet markets. And the British betting houses have been determined as role models. Should we continue…? Oh, yes, there’s something else significant enough to be mentioned. Thaipokerleak shows that cricket bonuses in Asia are as good as those in the UK.
  4. Some specialists claim that basketball is in 90% of the cases included in the Asian bookmakers as a reverence to American audience. If this was so, why then we see so few baseball bets in Asia? Basketball is included in Asian betting for a reason. It’s just the sport type that is put in the section “exotic disciplines” for the locals.

If you don’t see your most preferred sport type in this list, don’t get us wrong. These are just the most popular disciplines in Asian bookmakers. As a matter of fact, the local betting houses include up to 10 sport types as a minimum in their platforms.

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