Some of the most common myths about the lotteries

myths about the lotteries

See some really big and popular bandar togel Singapore myths. Find out the most believed misconceptions about lotteries in the whole world.

There was a time when lottery winners used to be related with conspiracy theories. Some of these theories leaded to a conclusion that everything is set and the winner is preliminary known by the lottery provider. There’s even a statement according to which a lottery winner stops being happy once he actually wins.

But thankfully, we can say that nowadays such beliefs are in the past. Even though, the myths about lotteries are not put to an end. On the contrary, with the rise of the internet lottery market people got even more attracted by listening to such weird theories about how a lottery works and what it does to the people. From the standard European lottery player who loves buying tickets with every purchase in the store to the biggest lover of eccentric lottery providers such as bandar togel Singapore the majority of the people still believe in these common lottery myths:

  1. Lottery leads to gambling addiction. When the lottery games started being added to the biggest internet casinos a lot of regulators and agencies related with the casino business decided not to care whether the player at risk plays slot games, poker or lotteries. All of the customers in a concrete casino that is strictly following the responsible gambling policy are fully protected by the document. Probably this is the reason why so many people believe that when you play too many lottery games per day you get at the same risk of an addiction as the poker player gets. But the scientists have proven long time ago that lotteries don’t lead to addiction as fast as gambling games long time ago.
  2. If you win the lottery you win the biggest happiness of all times and in the world. For a person in lots of debts and who pays back once after getting his cash from the lottery jackpot, this might be the total truth. However, the reality is totally different. People who are in a big need of money usually don’t play lottery games, but instead work harder (yes, that’s true no matter how unbelievable it sounds to you). On the other side, according to the global surveys where the happiness is studied only 15% of the people answer something related with money when they are asked what makes them happy.
  3. All lottery wins are charged with taxes. If you are talking about a concrete country, that might be the whole truth. However, the different countries have different laws about this subject. Some countries free all gambling wins from fees – such as Canada, for instance. However, concrete countries of them don’t accept lotteries as gambling products and the wins from them are charged with taxes. In all cases, if you win in a lottery always check out where you are, whose citizen you are and mostly – what the provider of the lottery tickers says about taxes.

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