Here’s an extra dose of common casino myths

common casino myths

Another pack of judi online and offline casino myths has hit the market. Check out some of the latest wrong conceptions about gambling that have entered the player’s mind.

There are still a lot of casino myths we can meet online and offline in friendly environment. There are even wrong conceptions regarding gambling on the TV or the books. Unfortunately, the slow, but still progressing process of casino legislation in the whole world does not change the situation with gambling myths. They still exist. Some of them are ancient as the world of casino it is. Others have appeared recently.

There are still common and weird judi online and offline myths. And some of them could confuse a beginner or make the professional player take the wrong decision. While thinking about all of these, we have decided to share them a list with an extra dose of myths you have not heard about yet:

  1. Online gambling is 100% legal in all countries. As a matter of fact, there are still countries where all judi online forms are banned. Most of these countries are from Asia. The Muslim conception about gambling is still a negative one, so in these countries you will find total bans, too.
  2. Slot machines can be manipulated by the casinos at any time. The only person that might manipulate these games is the one that has created them. However, this is impossible now, too. The developers that offer slot machines go through harsh testing and certification to eventually receive permission for promoting their gambling products.
  3. All poker formats are games of skills rather than games of chance! There’s one poker game that does not require skills and talents at all. We are talking about the popular video poker games. They are actually more of a slot machine type game rather than a real table game. In video poker, though, you should know that the RTP is extra high, so betting strategy does work here.
  4. All profits from casinos are charged with taxes. As a whole yes, but not exactly. There’s one country where once you get some income from gambling you can have the entire amount without being charged. Canadian gambling world is 100% tax-free. But there’s catch here. Canadian offline casinos are not so many. Canadian online gambling websites meanwhile are banned. The only internet gambling that are valid and allowed here are the international betting houses with international licenses.
  5. Bonuses are free gifts. A lot of gamblers might tell you tones of stories about the way a bonus cost them more than giving them. Usually, the price of the free gift is hidden in the bonus wager requirements, which is why it is a must to always read the promo terms and conditions in advance.

These are of course only few of the latest myths we meet about gambling. What was the first myth about casino that you believed in?

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