4 gambling ideas that ended up with failure

gambling ideas

Check out some casino online ideas that did not succeed lots of success. Tell us in the comment section if, though, you liked any of them.

There’s no doubt that today’s casino online market is blessed for the fact it has been experiencing the latest innovations alongside with the global high tech trends and leaders. But apart from the big number of conveniences and modern tools we’ve recently received to make sport betting and slot playing more exciting and comfortable, we’ve also come upon on failures. Unfortunately, not all of the hottest technologies and tendencies are applicable to gambling. And not all of the digitalism approaches are appreciated by the general gambler’s personality. We’ve got 4 good examples about these:

  1. The Webcam poker. Back in the days, we believe it was 2011th year, when someone had put into someone else’s head that live poker cannot go online, a couple of poker rooms integrated a new idea for poker interface to allow the players read the rest of the opponents’ cards. This cam thing, though, could not survive for many reasons. Mostly, it got so out of date that when remembering of it right now, it’s like it was two centuries ago.
  2. The 7-reel slots. A lot of slot lovers still believe that the more reels, the better. Is it so? In the beginning of the new century a person decided to modify a standard 5-reel slot aiming to look it more contemporary by adding two more reels. That was a total fail, because the truth is that there was nothing new in the slot game as a whole. But somehow, the punters expected a lot of changes to happen to their experience. Nothing so special happened and the number of slots has been still increasing over the years.
  3. VR gambling. Ok, that’s not exactly a failure. It’s something else. It’s a trend we’ve been talking about for years. But nothing is coming out yet. When someone makes a teaser about a movie, we are used to wait for a year. Not more. VR gambling has been talked about for more than a decade and we still cannot see a great example for such an experience. We truly hope that one day – and this day to be soon – the best casino online providers will give us food for thought whether VR systems are failure for gambling, or not.
  4. Duplicate poker. By adding one more poker failure from gambling history, it becomes clear that poker players seem to be the top pretentious gamblers ever. Anyway, the thing is that duplicate poker tried to make the game simpler and more universal. However, the creators failed, because they forgot the trend number one among poker players – they are special guys with special skills that cannot compete with a standard slot lover. This game is nothing else, but a universal hobby to love.

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